1. World

There are three continents in the world of Alana: Jadesper, Five Domains, and Felixland.


Jadesper is the biggest continent in Alana. This continent is divided in zones, with different political regimes in each. The zones are: Deep Forest, Desert, Tundra, Rainforest, Grassland, Savanna, Mountains and Marsh. Fanteles are found in every zone. The zones hardly overlap, and most have a magical source maintaining the zone’s biome.

Five Domains

Five Domains has this name for the five countries it has: Sould Island, Air Islands, Water Colonies, Fire Kingdom and Earth Queendom. All countries are ruled by a monarch.


Felixland was named after the person that discovered this land: king Felix. He was a powerful phoenix that ruled with an iron grip. Now old and barely fit to govern, he is nothing more than a figure for the people. The islands around Felixland are mainly governed by pirates or their descendents. As much as the islands are part of Felixland, the prime-minister has no power over them.