Comments on [Gift] Soothing Palette

SpicyIsopods's Avatar

AAAAAAAAA!!!! It took me forever to comment on this but not for lack of appreciation, I've just been having a brain time. But this is SO HECKING CUTE, I'M GOING TO COMBUST!!! OHHH my goodness, Cyrus' markings look SO GOOD in your style!!! And that POSE!!! So adorable and dynamic!! Star looks so CUDDLY!! Also, the little abstract background on this is the perfect finishing touch and looks absolutely wonderful with stars design. Thank you so so much!! <333

2022-03-03 18:07:44

mewhaku's Avatar

It is ok I've been having a brain time lately myself... XD;; I'm so happy you loved the final result of this adorable gift exchange!!!

2022-03-11 12:18:49