2. Demonween

Created: 19 September 2023, 07:43:20 PDT
Last updated: 26 September 2023, 04:17:51 PDT

The moons have vanished from the sky and a thick red fog prevents you from looking more than a few inches in front of you. That can only mean one thing: it’s Demonween, the day where the pocket dimension where demons may live (and demons and fanteles are the only ones who can access it) has its limits weakened and starts to mix with Alana.

Demonween is celebrated on October 31st , but the preparations and celebrations start with the October month.


Many moons ago, it was common for all species to dress up as demons (with horns, fangs, bat wings, and more!) and trick or treat at the houses, pretending to be demons. Nowadays the culture has changed enough to allow for all species to dress up as any kind of monsters, species or characters and have fun celebrating with candy or tricking and pranking friends and strangers alike. This holiday is specially liked by the children!



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