6. Axydogs

Created: 26 September 2023, 06:56:14 PDT
Last updated: 26 September 2023, 12:44:01 PDT



They are an amphibian species of the planet called Cora, they are deeply connected to water magic, having it inherently, without needing to study magic. They have very advanced technology that barely uses magic, as they are not able to use other kinds of magic, only water-based magic. Their defining characteristic is their dog build with axolotl’s outer gills (casually called ‘whiskers’) in their face, as well as an axolotl’s tail. They can easily regenerate any body parts. Sometimes this regeneration is a bit faulty, resulting in extra limbs or tails. They have 3 types of traits:


Ears: which can be common (all types of dog ears), rare (fin ears), or special (others)

Fins: a broad term for anything in their torso, they can be actual fins or arms based on real animals, positioned anywhere in their torso. They always come in pairs, sometimes positioned one behind the other or side-by-side. They can be common (fish fins), rare (amphibian fins), special (mammal fins).

Other characteristics: any other characteristic of aquatic animals enter this category, being all common. Some examples are extra limbs, anglerfish teeth, bioluminescence, and anglerfish lure. An axydog may have multiples of this trait.


They have a mainly pescatarian diet. Their passive magical abilities include turning any kind of water they touch into drinkable water. They can be found anywhere in the galaxy, as they are mainly travelers, being able to live on any planet with liquid water.

They are born from meteorites infused with water magic.To generate offsprings, axydogs let a meteorite to rest in drinkable water and infuse it with water magic. It’s needed two different axydogs to infuse the water with enough magic. In a few days to many months, an axydog hatch from the meteorite.