[PMW] Fainara Trip to Lunar Island!

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After a long journey through Felixland to celebrate on Lunar Island, Tooty looked over the rail of the ferry they had gotten on with their friends, where thankfully Alice had boosted the tiny shrew fainara up high enough to see. Tooty had to resist jumping up and down in excitement, not wanting to bop his poor friend on her head, where he was perched. “We’re almost there!!!” they said excitedly, looking down from their vantage point to where Dusty sat next to Alice on the deck. “Dusty you should get up here, what a great view of the island!”

Dusty peered up, looking nervous as he usually did, “Okay… I trust you Alice to keep hold of me, okay?” The larger aardvark fainara giggled a bit and boosted him up gently with her claws until he was perched alongside Tooty on top of her head. She never minded helping out her two tiny best friends with stuff like this, the two were light enough to carry without any trouble.

Tooty and Dusty sat on Alice’s back as they disembarked the ferry, carrying them as they first walked through the festival grounds on Lunar Island. There was so much to see, and it was hard for Tooty to not run off in a million directions, but they took Alice’s “We should take a look at everything first before we do anything or split up, that way we won’t miss anything!” The trio stuck together, hitting up various festival stuff, since they had some time until the sun set and they could see the Purple Moon in all its glory.

As the sun started to set, the trio sat at a small table, with Alice taking up the single seat and her two smaller pals sitting on the table top. All the food they had picked out to share was great, but the main reason they had chosen the spot was a good vantage spot for the sunset and to see the moon as it got dark. The festival grounds was filled with all sorts of folks, with a huge presence of Loup de Lunes, which was exciting to see, as the trio didn’t know many already. They were excited for the further days of the festival, where they planned on enjoying all the culture the holiday had to offer.

“Wow, how do they get the Purple Moon so purple??” Tooty asked in awe as the moon became fully visible. It was like nothing the fainara had ever seen before, even with all his adventures throughout Alana.

“They don’t do anything to it Tooty, it does that naturally, or at least naturally with the magic of the goddess Luna!” Alice didn’t look away from the beauty of the moon as she explained to them, “Maybe the way Loup de Lunes and their friends howl also helps build that energy!” As if on cue, the sounds of howls started to ring out in the crowd around them as everyone enjoyed the view of the moon. And the trio couldn’t help but join in.

Tooty excitedly jumped up and down, howling their little head off and wiggling their long nose about. “Awoooo!! Awooo!!! What a great moon, let’s help bring the purple moon energy!!”

Alice giggled but started howling as well, cupping her paws with her flashy orange claws around her mouth in order to amplify her howling a bit, “Awoo!! Wow, happy Purple Moon week everyone!!”

Dusty didn’t join in at first, being somewhat shy, but seeing his friends howling made him more comfortable as well “Awooo oooo! What a pretty moon!”

With howls all around them the friends cheered and laughed along with each other, enjoying themselves with all the celebration on the island. Even though they were strangers and newcomers here to Lunar Island, they felt welcome and excited to be part of the celebration!

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[PMW] Fainara Trip to Lunar Island!
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In Purple Moon Week ・ By Provie

Tooty, Dusty, and Alice join in on the Purple Moon Week festivities!

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