[FOL : Gift] Flower Crowns in the Field!

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[FOL : Gift] Flower Crowns in the Field!
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In Festival of Life 2022 ・ By Provie

Brownie, Candle, and Tavus having some fun making flower crowns for the festival!

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SpicyIsopods Avatar

[Deyan] Aaaaa this turned out so nice!!! Always love to see a rare and elusive traditional Provie art! and I ADORE how Candle translated into your style -- the way I draw ungulates doesn't lend itself well to drawing them doing hands-requiring activities, so I always love when my friends with more stylized anatomy draw my ungulate characters because it allows for fun, personality-filled scenes like this! (Also: the way you drew her fungi horns is CUTE!!) Thank you so much for including her!! <333

Also also, love Tavus' pose, and Brownie looks so cute in that flower crown!

2022-05-24 17:07:49

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